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Latest Updates: February 20, 2015

An article titled USRPT: Rest-interval Selection was added to the Swimming Science Bulletin and USRPT sections of the journal.

Previous Updates: February 08, 2015

An underwater analysis of Katie Ledecky's freestyle stroke at 475 m into her Gold Medal 800 m race at the 2012 London Olympic Games was added to the How Champions Do It section.

The producer of the SSJ recommends that all swimming coaches and scientists read the abstracted article titled An Advancement in the concept of fatigue by Professor Timothy Noakes of Cape Town, South Africa.

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Brent S. Rushall, PhD, R.Psy.(Ret)

San Diego State University

Red Desert

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This journal is divided into four parts, the Swimming Science Abstracts, the Carlile Coaches' Forum, the Swimming Science Bulletin, and How Champions Do It. The articles presented are drawn from the personal files of the editor. The contents are changed often. The date of the last addition to each section is appended to each descriptive paragraph or title. The most recent addition date is stated at the top of this page.

Reading Swimming Science Journal sections is done in the traditional manner of web browsing. Clicking the mouse on highlighted links will change content. Each section of the journal is structured with a Table of Contents being the main page. By clicking an article in the Table of Contents, the journal will transfer directly to it. Progress through a section involves going forward and backward between the Table of Contents and selected articles.

The Swimming Science Abstracts is a compilation of research article abstracts involving swimming. It is divided into five parts. To visit a section simply click on the highlighted name below. As new articles are abstracted they are added to the appropriate section.

Abstracts in the Biomechanics of Swimming [Last update: September 15, 2014].
Abstracts in the Hydrodynamics of Swimming [Last update: January 16, 2014].
Abstracts in the Physiology of Swimming [Last update: September 15, 2014].
Abstracts in the Psychology of Swimming [Last update: September 15, 2014].
Abstracts in the Training for Swimming [Last update: September 23, 2014].

The Carlile Coaches' Forum contains original articles written by Brent S. Rushall and designed for distribution to the coaching staff of Carlile Swimming (founded by Forbes and Ursula Carlile) in Australia. The impetus for each article is usually an inquiry from a Carlile Swimming coach. The forums are produced periodically depending upon demand. In this journal they are listed by volume and issue. Click on the highlighted name at the beginning of this paragraph to view the contents. [Last update: August 18, 2008]

The Swimming Science Bulletin contains original articles which take a variety of forms and are often written as a response to specific needs and controversial issues raised by swimming coaches. Bulletins are listed by issue. Click on the highlighted name at the beginning of this paragraph to view the contents. [Last update: October 14, 2014]

How Champions Do It is a presentation of underwater sequences of the strokes of champions during their gold medal races. It is updated as kinematic analyses are conducted on available films and videos. Viewers can use these as data to evaluate the claims of many swimming "experts." The sequences can also serve as valuable teaching tools for they show how the world's best swimmers execute underwater movements when performing their best. [Last update: September 30, 2012]

USRPT Articles contains a listing of the articles that deal specifically with ultra-short race-pace training (USRPT). These articles are also available elsewhere in the Swimming Science Journal, particularly in the Swimming Science Bulletin. [Last update: May 21, 2014]

This journal used to contain a discussion of drugs in swimming and a list of swimmers charged with a doping offence. It is no longer maintained or provided. Two other sections that are now outdated are The Problem with Chlorinated Pools [Last update: June 3, 2011] and SAVE OUR SPORT! Bodysuits: The serious threat to the very nature of competitive swimming [Last update: July 1, 2010].

Coaching Science Abstracts is a related electronic journal also edited by Brent S. Rushall. Workshops for coaches, athletes, and sport psychologists can also be arranged.

All items in the Swimming Science Journal are copyrighted. They may only be reproduced in single copies for individual use. Any multiple reproduction or reprinting in any media form is strictly prohibited. Linking by distributing the appropriate URL is the method for drawing attention to content of interest. For further information contact Dr. Rushall.

Only email communications about this site can be sent to Dr. Rushall provides fee-based consultations through email and video/audio conferencing on the Internet for all matters concerning swimming.

The information in this journal represents that of Brent S. Rushall and not necessarily that of San Diego State University. Brent S. Rushall takes full responsibility for the content presented. This work is supported directly by Sports Science Associates.

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