Toussaint, H. M., Truijens, M., Elzinga, M.-J., van de Ven, A., de Best, H., Snabel, B., & de Groot, G. (2002). Effect of a FASTSKIN™ 'body' suit on drag during front crawl swimming. Sport Biomechanics. 1, 1-10.

The effect on drag of a Speedo Fastskin™ suit compared to a conventional suit was studied in swimmers (M = 6; F = 7) performing at different velocities (range 1.10 - 2.0 m/sec). Active drag force was directly measured during front crawl swimming using a system of underwater push-off pads instrumented with a force transducer (MAD system). For a variety of swimming speeds (1.1, 1.3, 1.5 and 1.7 m/sec), drag values were estimated. On a group level, a statistically non-significant drag reduction effect of 2% was observed for the Fastskin suit.

Implication. The 7.5 % reduction in drag claimed by the swimwear manufacturer (Speedo) was not corroborated.

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