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Download the Workbook: To proceed with the workshop, it is necessary to have a copy of the workshop workbook. As you listen to lecture modules, you need to take notes and record important information in the blank spaces provided for each topic in the workbook. This is an instructional process termed "Interactive Learning".

The workbook can be printed directly off your browser by using the print function under "File" on the browser command bar. The workbook requires only black on white printing. The quality of print only need be of a standard that facilitates satisfactory reading. Usually, a draft quality of print is acceptable. There are 35 pages to be printed.

To access the workbook, you must have Adobe Acrobat Reader or a compatible .pdf file reader as a plug-in in your browser. Click on this link to access and print the workbook.

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Principles for Coaching Advanced Athletes

  1. The principle of specificity
  2. The principle of individuality
  3. The principle of self-control and the principle of involvement
  4. The principle of program consolidation and the principle of self-involvement
  5. The principle of balanced preparation

Features Underlying Effective Coaching Systems

  1. The provision of a totally planned system, the maximization of productivity, and the maximization of direction
  2. The maximization of intrinsic motivation, and the maximization of the instructional process
  3. The maximization of positive experiences, the maximization of social experiences, and the maximization of progress information
  4. The transfer of control to the group/self, and the maximization of content variety

Characteristics of Coaching Decline

  1. The "aura complex", "Muhammed Ali-ism", simple-mindedness, and the "They're all athletes" model
  2. Intellectual withdrawal, expedient evaluations, the "re-labelling complex", self-deception, and self-talk and self-importance
  3. Fault-finding, athlete relegation, "Cold feet" regression, and "It's the government's faultism"

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