Terry, P. C., & Lane, A. M. (2000). Normative values for the Profile of Mood States for use with athletic samples. Journal of Applied Sport Psychology, 12, 93-109.

The purpose of this study was to develop tables of normative values based on athletic samples. International (N = 622), club (N = 628) and recreational (N = 836) athletes completed the POMS in one of three situations: pre-competition/exercise, post-competition/exercise, and away from the athletic environment.

Differences between the athletic samples and existing norms were found for all mood subscales. Main effects of level of achievement and situations were identified. Level of achievements were differentiated across POMS factors but in no consistent way. Some factors were higher for international athletes but on others, they were lower. As well, POMS scores depended upon when they were obtained. Pre- and post-competition scores were markedly different whereas away from the performance arena, scores were again different.

Interpreting POMS scores has to be factored against, among other things, the situation of testing and level of achievement of the Ss tested.

Implication. POMS norms are inappropriate for athletic samples.

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