Andreacci, J., Urbansky, E., Cohen, S., & LeMura, L. (2000). The effects of frequency of encouragement on performance during maximal exercise testing. Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, 32(5), Supplement abstract 998.

Ss (M = 12; F = 16) performed a VO2max test without any verbal encouragement. Based on the results, Ss were assigned to any of three groups and tested one week later. A control group received no verbal encouragement during the test. The three experimental groups received encouragement every 20, 60, or 180 seconds throughout their tests.

Frequent encouragement (20 and 60 seconds) produced changes whereas 180 seconds and no encouragement did not. The frequency of encouragement in testing protocols will affect the magnitude of measures in aerobic capacity, RPE, and physiological tests. To obtain closer-to-true values, encouragement should be given at least once a minute and probably more frequently.

Implication. The frequency of encouragement affects VO2max, RPE, and other physiological test results.

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