Suzuki, Y., Ito, O., Mukai, N., Takahashi, H., & Takamatsu, K. (2001). Skeletal muscle carnosine levelmaycontribute to superior performance during high intensity exercise. Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, 33(5), Supplement abstract 896.

"Dipeptide carnosine . . . has been shown to contribute significantly to physio-chemical buffering in skeletal muscle, which maintains acid-base balance when large quantities of hydrogen ions are produced is association with lactic acid accumulation during high intensity exercise" (p. S159). This study examined the relationships among skeletal muscle carnosine level, fiber type distribution, and high intensity exercise (30-s cycle sprinting).

Carnosine level and type II fiber composition were significantly related. Both factors were significantly related to cycling sprint performance, particularly in the last half of the sprint.

Implication. Carnosine is an important determinant of sprint exercise.

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