Marcum, D. M., Kuphal, K., & Potteiger, J. A. (1999). Effects of supplemental protein on strength, body composition, and protein utilization during an increased training volume. Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, 31(5), Supplement abstract 485.

A control (N = 10) and protein supplementation group (N = 10) of resistance trained college-aged males adhered to an individualized training program for 14 days. After thaT, training volume was increased 50%. Ss in the experimental group were given a protein supplement of 1 g/kgBW/day and the control group received a similar amount of placebo. After 28 days, Ss were retested for % body fat, 1 RM in squat and bench press.

No differences were found between the groups in any measure.

Implication. Protein supplementation for 28 days does not improve % body fat, strength, or protein utilization.

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