Leblanc, K. E., & Nelson, A. G. (1999). Beta-carotene and exercise performance effects on race performance. Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, 31(5), Supplement abstract 453.

Several studies reported a beneficial of beta-carotene, when part of an antioxidant mixture, on exercise performance. This study attempted to isolate the role of the substance and assess its effect on race performance. Ss were well-trained runners (N = 11) who completed 5K races under a placebo and beta-carotene conditions. Beta-carotene's effect on oxidative stress was also measured.

Race time was significantly improved by a small degree over a placebo condition. Ss (64%) noted a subjective benefit from the supplement. There was no significant effect on oxidative stress.

Implication. Beta-carotene does contribute a small amount of endurance performance enhancement.

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