Lahr, J., Seifert, J. G., Burke, E. (1999). The effects of an herbal compound on lactic acid clearance. Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, 31(5), Supplement abstract 452.

The effects of ingesting an herbal formulation on high-intensity exercise were evaluated. Ss (N = 12) were paired for lactate thresholds. Ss received a herbal formula (950 mg/d -- Second Wind/Botanica BioScience Corporation) or placebo for five weeks. The post-treatment cycling exercise was to perform at lactate threshold for 20 minutes, sit quietly for 12 minutes, and then complete a 60,000 J time trial as fast as possible. Venous blood samples were taken at 3-min intervals during the first 12 minutes of recovery.

The herbal formula group exhibited less lactic acid accumulation following intense cycling, less stress on the HCO3- buffering system, and a statistically non-significant trend toward improved cycling performance. [The cycling performance might have been significant if a larger number of Ss were used.]

Implication. An herbal formula does affect lactate accumulation factors and might have an ergogenic effect.

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