Ceriale, S. M., Durak, E. P., Wenz, S. M., & Elliott, M. (2000). Glycemic response: comparison of different nutritional bars and drinks. Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, 32(5), Supplement abstract 1064.

A carbohydrate-protein-fat mix (40-30-30%) has been promoted as being a beneficial supplement for athletes. This study measured fasting blood glucose and post-consumption blood glucose at several periods after ingesting seven different bars and drinks with white bread as a reference food. Ss (N = 27) ingested one product on each of seven days, with calories controlled at a 200 Kcals level.

High CHO products elicited a higher initial rise in blood glucose followed by a drop below fasting levels at 80 minutes when compared to the 40-30-30 mix. The 40-30-30 product elicited a more sustained and level blood glucose response after ingestion.

Implication. For individuals who react to a hyperglycemic state, a 40-30-30 food bar might be better for energy maintenance.

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