Brennan, K. M., & Connolly, D. A. (2001). Effects of sodium phosphate supplementation on maximal oxygen consumption and blood lactate. Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, 33(5), Supplement abstract 936.

"Phosphate [NaPO4] loading has been proposed to alter metabolic and cardiovascular functions including: an attenuated lactate threshold, and increased availability of inorganic phosphate for creatine phosphate synthesis, enhanced myocardial and cardiovascular efficiency, and improved aerobic capacity." (p. S165). Trained males (N = 12) performed an incremental VO2max test on a cycle ergometer using 3-min stages under a placebo control and a commercially available phosphate supplementation regimen. Supplementation was 1000 mg four times daily for four days. Testing was conducted on the day after each supplementation protocol.

No significant effects of phosphate supplementation were observed on VO2max or lactate responses.

Implication. Phosphate supplementation is ineffective for enhancing endurance performance.

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