Selsby, J. T., Beckett, K. D., Devor, S. T., & Kern, M. (2001). Swim performance following creatine supplementation. Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, 33(5), Supplement abstract 1159.

It is generally conceded that creatine supplementation does not improve swimming performance in elite swimmers. With lower caliber swimmers, performances have been improved. This investigation sought to further elucidate the effects of creatine supplementation on swimming performance in Division III collegiate swimmers (M = 18; F = 13). Ss were divided into a Cr-supplementation group (0.3 g/kg), a low-dose Cr-supplementation group (0.07 g/kg), or a placebo group. Cr-supplementation consisted of a 5-day loading phase using the designated doses followed by 9 days of maintenance during which all Ss consumed 2 g/day. Performances consisted of timed 50- and 100-yd sprints, 4 x 50-yd sprints in a 2-min interval, and a 20-s maximal effort on a swim bench ergometer.

The high-dose group improved significantly more in the 50- and 100-yd sprints than the other two groups. There were no group differences on the repeated intervals or swim bench tasks.

Implication. Creatine supplementation for swimmers needs to be a "high" dose and is only effective for singular sprint efforts.

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