Kalman, D. S., Colker, C. M., Swain, M. A., Shi, Q., & Maharam, L. G. (2000). A double-blind, randomized clinical trial evaluating different creatine monohydrate formulations in resistance trained males. Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, 32(5), Supplement abstract 562.

Weight-trained males (N = 32) were assigned to on of four groups. Group 1 received creatine/dextrose/taurine/lipoic acid (a commercial product), group 2 creatine plus eight ounces of grape juice, group 3 creatine plus water, and group 4 placebo. Ss were tested at days 7 and 28 of the treatments.

After 28 days, it was found that group 1 exhibited significantly greater body composition and muscular endurance than the other groups.

Implication. A commercial preparation of creatine, dextrose, taurine, and lipoic acid significantly affected body composition and muscle endurance than other mixtures of creatine.

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