Burke, D. G., Silver, S., Holt, L. E., Smith-Palmer, T., Culligan, C. J., & Chilibeck, P. D. (2000). The effect of continuous low dose creatine supplementation on force, power, and total work. International Journal of Sport Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism, 10, 235-244.

The effects of 21 days of low-dose (~7.7/g/day) creatine supplementation on resistance training force, power output, duration of mean peak power output, and total work performed to fatigue, were studied. Males were assigned to a treatment (N = 20) or placebo (N = 21) group. Testing involved a bench press until exhaustion on an isokinetic dynamometer.

Creatine-supplemented Ss performed more total work until fatigue, demonstrated significantly greater improvements in peak force and power, and maintained elevated mean peak power for a longer period of time than did placebo Ss.

Implication. Low-dose creatine supplementation significantly improves factors associated with short-duration, high-intensity exercise in untrained Ss.

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