Armstrong, D. C., Nemec, S. A., & Seelback, J. D. (2000). Effect of creatine supplementation on isokinetic training performance. Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, 32(5), Supplement abstract 550.

College males were assigned to a creatine supplementation (N = 7) or placebo (N = 9) group. Creatine was consumed for five days at 20 gm/d. Ss trained three days per week for five weeks on a Cybex isokinetic Dynamometer.

Increases in work volume were greater in the creatine group than the placebo. Isometric strength increased significantly in the creatine group but did not change in the placebo group. There was no effect on body composition.

Creatine supplementation enhanced isometric strength, best work repetition, and total work volume.

Implication. Isokinetic work and isometric strength improved with creatine supplementation.

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