Smith, T. P., McNaughton, L. R., & Coombes, J. S. (1999). Effects of a 4-week interval training program using vVO2max and Tmax on performance in middle distance athletes. Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, 31(5), Supplement abstract 1391.

Velocity at VO2max (vVO2max) and maximum time at that velocity (Tmax) are used to design individual training programs. Previous work showed that significant performance improvements resulted from interval training a vVO2max and 60% Tmax. This study evaluated the effects of training for four weeks with an exercise intensity between 60-75% of Tmax as the interval duration. Trained male middle-distance runners (N = 8) were measured for physiological factors, a 3000m running time-trial, and three treadmill tests to determine Tmax. Training was on a motorized treadmill. Ss were re-tested following training.

Significant increases in average vVO2max, Tmax, and VO2max were recorded after training. The 3000m time-trial performances were significantly improved.

Implication. As the pace of training approaches race velocities, running velocity and physiological adaptations improve.

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