Calbet, J. A., Chavarren, J., & Dorado, C. (2001). Running economy and delayed onset muscle soreness. Journal of Sports Medicine and Physical Fitness, 41, 18-26.

The effects of a duathlon competition on running economy were assessed. Male (N = 9) and female (N = 6) competed in two duathlons (5 km run + 16 km cycle + 2 km run). The first was preceded by testing for VO2max, running speed at exhaustion, VO2, and running speed at the first and second ventilatory thresholds. Two days after the duathlon, running economy was assessed at four different speeds. Ss trained four times a week in the following six weeks, at the end of which a second duathlon was performed and the testing protocols repeated. Seven days after the second duathlon, running economy was assessed again.

Small significant performance improvements occurred in the second duathlon. Physiological measures also improved, presumably a result of training. Two days after the second duathlon, running economy was worse than before the competition. At seven days, running economy had recovered.

Implication. Two days after an exhausting competitive effort, performance economy is impaired. It takes possibly at least seven days for full movement efficiency to recover.

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