Hoffman, J. R., Bar-Eli, M., & Tenenbaum, G., (1999). An examination of mood changes and performance in a professional basketball team. Journal of Sports Medicine and Physical Fitness, 39, 74-79.

The POMS was administered seven times during a competitive season to male Israeli basketball players (N = 7). The first test was after preseason practice and the day before the first game. Other evaluations occurred two days following and no more than two days before a game.

Typical iceberg profiles were exhibited during the first three evaluations when the team was winning (60% of games). Between assessments three and four, the team slumped to a 30% success rate. The POMS displayed a decrease in vigor and an increase in anger. When success returned (evaluations four to five; 60% of games won) vigor returned to its original level. However, anger and depression remained at an elevated level.

Implication. Mood states as measured by POMS might be associated with team performance success.

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