Rocha, J. R., Matsudo, S. M, Figueira, A. J., & Matsudo, V. K. (1997). Training program effect after detraining in young athletes. Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, 29(5), Supplement abstract 987.

The effects of 12 weeks of retraining after 4 weeks of detraining on anthropometric, neuromotor, and physical fitness variables were determined in boys (N = 12; average age = 13 yr) and girls (N = 9; average age = 10.9 yr). Body height and weight were similar between the genders.

Training effects were observed. Girls increased in VO2max by 24.9%, and vertical jump by 18.4%. Boys improved in VO2max by 16.5% and sit-ups by 13.9%.

Implication. Boys and girls responded to the same swimming training program in different ways. It is erroneous to assume that one training program will be produce similar training effects for boys and girls in mixed gender squads.

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