Nemoto, I., Nakamura, N., & Kuroda, Y. (1997). The effects of branched-chain amino acides (BCAA) supplementation on maximal cycling bouts. Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, 29(5), Supplement abstract 1421.

The effects of BCAA supplementation on a single maximal cycling bout lasting approximately two minutes and on two successive bouts were investigated.

Ss (M = 11) completed a cycle-ergometry exercise at 4.3W/body-weight at 90 rpm until exhaustion. Thirty minutes prior to exercise, 9 gm BCAA or a placebo was ingested.

BCAA supplementation did not extend performance time. However, under the BCAA condition the second bout of exercise was significantly better and perceived exertion prior to the second bout was lower.

Implication. For repeated maximal exercise bouts of short duration BCAA supplementation enhances repeated performances and lessens the perception of fatigue.

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