Davis, S. E., Fritsch, L. T., Thomas, E. A., Sebolt, D. R., & Wagner, T. L. (1997). Effects of chronic sub-optimal energy intake on constant-load exercise in young women. Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, 29(5), Supplement abstract 730.

The physiological and metabolic effects of chronic consumption of energy below recommended levels on constant-load exercise was studied in women aged 19-24 years.

Controls (N = 10) and Ss with sub-optimal energy intake (average caloric intake <25 kcal/kg body weight) were matched for age, exercise caloric expenditure, and percentage HB-predicted RMR. A maximal incremental cycle ergometer test and a 30-min cycle ergometer test at 75% of peak oxygen consumption were completed.

Measures of ventilation were significantly greater in the sub-optimal-intake group than in the controls. Two Ss in the sub-optimal group failed to complete the 30-min sub-maximal constant-load cycle test.

Women who have chronic sub-optimal energy intake have increased difficulty in completing moderate intensity exercise of 30-min duration.

Implication. Chronic limited-calorie intake will decrease the ability of women to perform optimal amounts of exercise.

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