Bryner, R. W., Hornsby, W. G., Chetlin, R., Ullrich, I. H., & Yeater, R. A. (1998). Effect of lactate consumption on exercise performance. Journal of Sports Medicine and Physical Fitness, 38, 116-123.

The effect of an 8% carbohydrate drink with and without an augmentation of 2% lactate solution was assessed on endurance performance, peak power, and delayed blood acidosis. Seven trained cyclists (M = 6; F = 1) performed four one-week-apart tests to exhaustion at an intensity of heart rate 10 bpm below maximum. VO2max, heart rate, and heart rate first associated with a respiratory exchange ratio that exceeded 1.0, were measured. The drinks were ingested 2-3 hours prior to each test.

There were no differences in performance, physiological parameters, or blood factors between the carbohydrate-alone and carbohydrate-lactate conditions.

Implication. Aerobic endurance exercise is unaffected by a lactate supplement added to carbohydrate drinks.

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