Peeters, B. M., Lantz, C. D., & Mayhew, J. L. (1998). Effect of creatine supplementation on body composition, strength, and muscular endurance in resistance trained males. Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, 30(5), Supplement abstract 796.

Males (N = 35) with at least 2 years of resistance training were tested on three occasions: before the experiment, after three weeks, and after six weeks of supplementation. Ss received a placebo, creatine monohydrate, or creatine phosphate. Groups were matched for strength. Supplements were 4 x 5 gm/d for three days then 2 x 5 gm/d for the remainder of the study.

After six weeks, both creatine groups exhibited significant increases in 1-RM bench press and lean body mass whereas the placebo group did not change. However, there was no difference between the groups in leg press or biceps curl strength.

Implication. An extensive creatine supplementation program may be more effective in increasing strength in some activities.

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