Jacobs, I., Bleue, S., & Goodman, J. (1997). Creatine ingestion increases anaerobic capacity and maximum accumulated oxygen deficit. Canadian Journal of Applied Physiology, 22, 231-243.

The hypothesis that ingestion of creatine monohydrate increases anaerobic exercise capacity, as reflected by maximal accumulated oxygen deficit (MAOD).

Ss were assigned to a placebo (N = 12) or creatine (N = 14) group. Doses of creatine were 4 x 5 gm daily for 5 days. Exercise intensities were 125% of VO2max.

MAOD increased after creatine supplementation as did time to exhaustion. Both effects remained 7 days after discontinuation of the supplementation.

Implication. Creatine supplementation has an ergogenic effect on intense exercise and the effect lasts for at least a week after supplementation is halted.

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