Welsman, J. R., Armstrong, N., Chedzoy, S., & Withers, S. (1996). Aerobic training in 10 year-old and adult females. Medicine and Science in Exercise and Sports, 28(5), Supplement abstract 18.

The physiological responses of healthy, untrained 10 year-old and adult females to an eight week aerobic training program were examined.

Adult peak VO2 increased and peak heart rate (HR) declined. Reduction in HR and lactate accumulation (LA) were observed at four submaximal intensities. In children peak VO2 did not change but peak HR did. No changes in HR were observed in submaximal intensity work but LA was reduced. Improved aerobic functioning was only exhibited in young girls at submaximal intensities.

Implication. Female children respond to aerobic training in a different manner to adult females in both heavy and submaximal work. Children only exhibit physiological changes at submaximal levels.

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