Gomes, P. S., & Bhambhani, Y. (1996). Time course changes and dissociation in VO2 at maximum and submaximum exercise levels as a result of training in males. Medicine and Science in Exercise and Sports, 28(5), Supplement abstract 81.

The responses to aerobic training programs are specific to the activity performed. If workloads are increased every nine training sessions and if intensities are consistently over the ventilatory threshold (VT), significant increases in VO2 at VT as well as at maximum can be observed. These two changes may not be related.

Implication. When training aerobically, the adaptations for aerobic capacity training occur above the ventilatory threshold. However, workloads should be consistently maintained for at least nine sessions before they are further increased. There will become a time when further increases in VO2max will not be observed.

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