Berglund, B., & Safstrom, H. (1994). Psychological monitoring and modulation of training load of world-class canoeists. Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, 26(8), 1036-1040.

POMS to indicate the onset of overtraining. Athletes are at risk of developing staleness (overtraining) when (a) global POMS scores are more than 50% over the individual basal off-season global POMS as well as, (b) the measure of fatigue is greater than the measure of vigor. This is a RISK LEVEL and is used to indicate when to lower the training load.

Rating of training load (RTL). A rating scale that has been used to assess a week's training stress is the RTL. It is as follows:

Rating of training speed (RTS). A scale for measuring training speed is as follows:

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