Bauer, J., Fry, A., & Carter, C. (1997). Comparison of novice versus expert for a hang clean lift: Muscle activation and temporal differences. Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, 29(5), Supplement abstract 1126.

Differences in muscle activation patterns between phases of a skilled movement were analyzed in novice and expert weightlifters. Only one S in each category was assessed.

Repetition completion times, lumbar maximum EMG, and lumbar and thoracic time to peak EMG were all better in the expert performer. These results suggest the following:

Implication. The characteristics of high-level performance in skill execution indicate some of the training parameters that should be emphasized if the skill involves explosive power. Training items should emphasize speed of execution, a conscious attempt to expend as much energy as possible in each task trial, and produce effort over the total range of muscles activated in the movement, not just a few prime movers.

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