Ruden, T. M., Parcell, A. C., Ray, M. L., Moss, K. A., Semler, J. L., Sharp, R. L., Rolfs, G. W., & King, D. S. (1996). Effects of oral creatine supplementation on performance and muscle metabolism during maximal exercise. Medicine and Science in Exercise and Sports, 28(5), Supplement abstract 484.

Nine Ss (M = 4; F = 5) performed a 30 sec maximal exercise bout on a cycle ergometer on two occasions. One occasion used a glucose placebo (4 x 5 gm x 4 days) and the other creatine supplementation in the same quantities.

Total muscle creatine increased significantly before and after exercise during creatine supplementation. Performance over 30 sec was not altered by creatine supplementation but muscle metabolism was.

Implication. This study is further evidence that creatine supplementation does not have universal effects.

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