Roltach, M. H., Flohr, J. A., & Brevard, P. B. (1996). The role of diet in endurance performance of male runners. Medicine and Science in Exercise and Sports, 28(5), Supplement abstract 536.

Healthy males (N = 6) were subjected to an endurance task, each trial being preceded by a normal or three adjusted diets. Diets were modified in percentage proportions of proteins, carbohydrates, and fats. Running on a treadmill to exhaustion (approximately 75% VO2max for 42 min) was the exercise performed.

There were mostly no significant differences between any condition on all variables except that the normal condition resulted in lower blood glucose levels during the task.

Implication. Dietary manipulations are not likely to be effective in individuals who are untrained for a performance task. It is only when the body is attuned to task demands that dietary manipulations, particularly CHO supplementation, become beneficial.

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