Papanek, P. E., Young, C. C., Kellner, N. A., Lachacz, J. G., & Sprado, A. (1996). The effects of an external nasal dilator (Breathe-Right) on anaerobic sprint performance. Medicine and Science in Exercise and Sports, 28(5), Supplement abstract 1084.

Collegiate athletes (M = 9; F = 5) performed four 40-yd sprints with 16 minutes of recovery between each sprint on single afternoon. Mouthpieces, placebo nasal strips, and Breathe-Right nasal strips were used singly and in combination in a random manner across the trials. Heart rates were recorded at a number of times before, during, and after exercise. Oxygen saturation and respiratory rates were also recorded periodically.

Heart rate increased significantly due to the exercise. However, there was no effect due to any treatment (mouthpiece, placebo, or Breathe-Right).

Implication. External nasal dilators are not an effective ergogenic aid in anaerobically dominant activities such as sprinting.

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