O'Toole, M. L., Ginsburg, G. S., Agil, A., Douglas, P. S., & Rifal, N. (1996). Daily Vitamin E supplementation prior to ultraendurance exercise. Medicine and Science in Exercise and Sports, 28(5), Supplement abstract 485.

It has been suggested that antioxidant vitamins may beneficially modify potentially detrimental effects of endurance exercise. Whether daily Vitamin E supplementation affected post-race indicators of muscle damage or susceptibility of plasma lipids to peroxidation was assessed 24 hours prior to and immediately after the Hawaii Ironman Triathlon in 34 (M = 22; F = 12) competitors.

It was found that Vitamin E raises plasma levels but has no immediate acute effect on either muscle damage or susceptibility to peroxidation.

Implication. An effect of Vitamin E supplementation on endurance performance is unlikely.

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