Hotell, M. D., & Faria, I. E. (1996). Carbohydrate paste ingestion during prolonged treadmill running. Medicine and Science in Exercise and Sports, 28(5), Supplement abstract 222.

Trained endurance runners (N = 10) completed two 2-hour treadmill runs at 70% VO2max in a fasted state one week apart. One run used 25 gm dissolved in 200 ml of water taken every 30 minutes. The other followed the same regimen but used a placebo.

The CHO supplemented trial maintained an elevated blood glucose level during the two hour trial while in the placebo trial, there was a gradual decline.

Implication. Ingesting 25 gm of glucose paste with water every half hour will maintain blood glucose levels in moderately hard steady-state work.

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