Herriott, N. L., Potteiger, J. A., & Zebas, C. J. (1996). A comparison of two different carbohydrate replenishment patterns on 5000 m rowing performance. Medicine and Science in Exercise and Sports, 28(5), Supplement abstract 770.

Lightweight rowers usually reduce body weight by food and fluid restriction and increased energy expenditure. Six female rowers were assessed on their CHO replenishment response after five days of weight reduction to at least 59 kg.

Ss were given carbohydrate (CHO) in 6 gm/kg BW in either one large feeding or four equal feedings at 90 min intervals. A 5000 m rowing ergometer trial was performed 15 hours after the initiation of the feedings.

No significant differences were observed between the treatments for trial time, blood glucose, lactate, plasma volume changes, oxygen consumption, or respiratory exchange ratio. The weight reduction methods resulted in significant changes in blood glucose and plasma volume. However, neither protocol was superior to the other.

Implication. CHO replenishment protocols alter blood glucose and plasma levels whether given in single large or intermittent doses.

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