Doyle, J. A., & Elliott, M. B. (1996). Distance running performance is improved with carbohydrate intake. Medicine and Science in Exercise and Sports, 28(5), Supplement abstract 766.

Trained endurance athletes (M = 4; F = 7) completed three trials on a treadmill (90 min; fixed intensity of 67% VO2max followed by a 10 km time trial also on the treadmill) after an overnight fast. During trials 2 and 3, Ss were given a placebo drink or a carbohydrate (CHO) drink (.25 gm CHO/kg BW every 15 min in an 8% solution).

Oxygen consumption and heart rates were consistent in the 90 min runs. When consuming the CHO solution, time-trial performance was significantly faster than in the placebo condition. Ratings of perceived effort were similar at 40 min of the 90 min run but lower in the CHO condition at 80 min.

Implication. The consumption of .25 gm CHO/kg BW per 15 minute period improves endurance running performance and reduces the perception of effort in the latter stages of the effort.

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