Burge, C. M., Carey, M. F., & Payne, W. R. (1993). Rowing performance, fluid balance, and metabolic function following dehydration and rehydration. Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, 25, 1358-1364.

The dehydration-rehydration protocol of lightweight rowers was associated with a significant decrease in performance. A significant relationship was established between the deficit in plasma volume after rehydration and performance. Muscle glycogen utilization rate during exhaustive exercise while dehydrated was significantly reduced. The dehydrated trial was also accompanied by a significantly lower blood lactate level. It was apparent that even though muscle glycogen was available during the rehydrated trial it was not possible to be used in a "normal" manner.

Implication. Decreased performance during rowing while dehydrated may be caused by two variables: (a) a decrease in plasma volume and inability to rapidly regain the lost plasma volume during rehydration, and (b) a decrease in the capacity to use oxygen.

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