Kasper, M. J., Terry, M., & Ilten, T. (2013). The effect of warm-up on maximal inertia load cycling power. Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise, 45(5), Supplement abstract number 585.

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This study assessed the effect of a general warm-up, a soccer training warm-up, or no-warm-up on Power/Cycle maximal power in female NCAA I soccer players (N = 7). Ss underwent a Power/Cycle familiarization session. Each athlete completed three intervention and testing sessions separated by six days. Warm-up treatments were i) a general warm-up (dynamic exercises and stretches), ii) a soccer training warm-up (dynamic exercises and stretches plus soccer training), and iii) no warm-up (nothing) prior to power testing. Four power test trials separated by a 30-second rest were given immediately after each warm-up protocol. The mean power output of the best two out of four trials served as data.

There was no statistically significant difference across warm-up protocols for either absolute or relative maximal power output.

Implication. Different forms of warm-up do not influence inertia load power output on a cycle ergometer. If warm-ups are unrelated to a specific task the Principle of Specificity would suggest that no effect or differential effects should be expected.

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