Redinger, E. K., Lagenfeld, M. E., Nelms, M. N., Elder, C. L., & Gohn, A. E. (2009). The acute effects of light beer versus non-alcoholic beer on endurance performance. ACSM 56th Annual Meeting, Seattle, Washington. Presentation number 1126.

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This study examined whether light beer or non-alcoholic beer was either ergogenic or ergolytic for endurance performance lasting one hour. Trained Ss (M = 5; F = 4) performed a one-hour bicycle time trial in a laboratory setting on three occasions with different liquid-ingestion treatments: Light beer, non-alcoholic beer, or water. Beer was administered by weight-dependent dose in order to induce a low blood alcohol content while simultaneously providing a kcal-equivalent to a sports beverage. The volumes of non-alcoholic beer and water were matched to the volume of beer. Performance was assessed by distance completed during the trials.

Non-alcoholic beer significantly improved performance for females. Light beer significantly improved performance for males and significantly decreased performance for females.

Implication. Non-alcoholic beer appears to be ergogenic for females whereas light beer seems ergogenic for males while being ergolytic for females.

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