Mundel, T., Houltham, S., Barnes, M., & Stannard, S. (June 03, 2010). Addicted to winning: Can nicotine administration improve 1-hour cycling time-trial performance? Presentation 1922 at the 2010 Annual Meeting of the American College of Sports Medicine, Baltimore, Maryland; June 2-5.

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This study determined whether nicotine administration is ergogenic during a self-paced one-hour cycling time-trial in well-trained male cyclists (N = 10). Ss completed three work-dependent time-trials following administration of 2 mg nicotine gum, a 7 mg nicotine patch, or a color- and flavor-matched placebo in a randomized order. Measures of core temperature, heart rate, blood biochemistry (pH, HCO3-, K+, Na+, Ca2+), and Borg’s rating of perceived exertion were obtained.

Neither form of nicotine administration produced performances or mean power outputs that were different to the placebo condition. Core temperatures, all blood chemistry factors, and ratings of perceived exertion were similar between the three treatments.

Implication. Nicotine does not have an ergogenic effect on one-hour cycling.

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