Osiecki, R., Malfatti, C. R., de Laat, E. F., Soler, L. T., Bronkhorst, I. W., Hlatiki, A. K., & Juruena, G. S. (2009). Maltodextrin supplementation enhanced performance in elite athletes of mountain biking during competition. ACSM 56th Annual Meeting, Seattle, Washington. Presentation number 1455.

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The aims of this study were to analyze the effect of maltodextrin supplementation on heart rate intensity and time spent in each competition lap as well as evaluate cardiorespiratory and blood glucose responses in a maximal test performed in a laboratory. Elite mountain bikers (N = 7) received supplementation with maltodextrin (1g/kg) or a placebo (light tangerine juice) dissolved in distilled water 20 minutes before competition (7 laps of 2 km) and a maximal laboratory test. In the laboratory, beginning at 60 rpm, intensity was increased by 25 Watts every three minutes until exhaustion to determine alterations in maximal heart rate, Wattsmax, VO2max, VEmax, and VO2 at ventilatory threshold. Heart rate was monitored every fifth second during the entire competition. Comparisons between time spent in every lap during the competition and laboratory variables were made between the two supplement conditions.

In the competition, the maltodextrin supplementation enhanced performance, reducing the average lap time by ~26 seconds. In laboratory test, maltodextrin increased the blood glucose during exercise but had no effect on other cardiorespiratory variables.

Implication. Maltodextrin enhanced performance during a mountain biking competition. The main effect was increased blood glucose levels.

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