Hoffman, J. R., Ratamess, N. A., Tranchina, C. P., Rashti, S. L., Kang, J., & Faigenbaum, A. D. (2009). Effect of protein supplement timing on strength, power and body compositional changes in resistance-trained men. ACSM 56th Annual Meeting, Seattle, Washington. Presentation number 2310.

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The effects of 10-weeks of protein supplement timing on strength, power and body composition was examined in resistance-trained males (N = 33). Ss were randomly assigned to either a protein supplement provided in the morning and evening (N = 13), or provided immediately before and immediately after workouts (N = 13). In addition, Ss (N = 7) agreed to serve as a control group and did not use any protein or other nutritional supplement. During each testing session Ss were assessed for strength (one repetition maximum [1 RM] bench press and squat), power (assessed by analyzing power performance of five repetitions performed at 80% of 1 RM in both the bench press and squat exercise) and body composition.

All groups improved in the 1 RM bench press, 1 RM squat, and in both upper and lower body peak and mean power. No significant between group interactions were seen in any of these measures. No group exhibited any change in body mass.

Implication. Protein supplement ingestion in resistance-trained athletes during a 10-week training program does not provide any added benefit to strength, power, or body compositional changes.

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