Drum, S. N., & Buchanan, C. A. (2009). No change in muscular endurance, flexibility, anaerobic power, and recovery after ingesting oxygen enhanced water. ACSM 56th Annual Meeting, Seattle, Washington. Presentation number 1850.

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This study investigated the purported claims of Perfect Empowered Drinking WaterÔ (PH2O), including enhanced performance and recovery during strength, flexibility, and anaerobic power exercise. Moderately trained, male cyclists (N = 8) performed push-ups to fatigue set to a metronome (25 reps/minute), sit and reach, total body rotation on right and left sides, arm pull on right and left sides, and two, 30-second Wingate tests separated by a 90-second active and 90-second passive recovery on three separate occasions under the following conditions: control, tap water, and PH2O. Four ounces of water (either tap water or PH2O) were ingested prior to the strength and flexibility tests, then again prior to and within 60-seconds after the first Wingate test.

No significant differences between conditions were observed.

Implication. Oxygen rich water before and after specific types of exercise does not significantly improve performance or enhance recovery between two Wingate cycle tests separated by 3-minutes of active or passive recovery.

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