Casajus, J., Martinex-Puig, D., Sanchez, D., Aguilo, J., Anel, A., Lou, J., & Chetrit, C. (2009). The effects of a nucleotide supplement (inmunactive) on lymphocyte proliferation after intensive exercise. A paper presented at the 14th Annual Congress of the European College of Sport Science, Oslo, Norway, June 24-27.

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"It has been described that intensive exercise is followed by a period of immune impairment (decreased lymphocyte proliferation and levels of salivary immunoglobulin during which there is an 'open window' opportunity for pathogens. It has been also demonstrated that dietary nucleotide supplementation is crucial to maintain immune function during stress situations."

This study assessed the impact of a specific nucleotide formulation (Inmunactive, Bioiberica, Spain) on the immune function of athletes (N = 20) after severe physical stress. Ss were divided into two groups (N=10), one supplemented with placebo and the other with Inmunactive at 600 mg/d over 32 days. On day 0 and on day 32, Ss undertook an exhaustion exercise using a cycloergometer at 70-80% %VO2max lasting at least one hour. Before and 24 hours after the exercise test, blood samples were taken to analyze lymphocyte proliferation of total, and CD4+ and CD8+ subsets.

Twenty-four hours after the first exercise test, a significant decrease in lymphocyte proliferation was detected for both groups on total, CD4+, and CD8+ cell subsets. After 32 days of receiving the experimental product, lymphocyte proliferation 24 hours after the exercise test decreased in the placebo group but not in the supplemented group only significantly for the CD4+ subset.

Implication. A specific nucleotide supplement partially counteracts the immune impairment associated to the severe physical stress.

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