Allen, C., Brooks, K., & Brooks, W. (2009). Breathe Right® external nasal dilator strips as an ergogenic aid to exercise. ACSM 56th Annual Meeting, Seattle, Washington. Presentation number 2546.

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The purpose of this study was to investigate the effects of the Breathe Right® external nasal dilator strip on exercise performance at 80% of an individual’s VO2max. Ss (N = 18) signed an informed consent, PAR-Q, additional questionnaire, and rated their ease of breathing through their nose on a 1 to 10 scale prior to testing. Ss' VO2max was measured on a treadmill ergometer. On two separate occasions, Ss returned to the laboratory for a treadmill run at 80% VO2max; once with the nasal dilator strip and once with a placebo. Heart rate, Borg’s Rating of Perceived Exertion, and time to exhaustion were measured.

A significant difference was found in the time to exhaustion between runs with the Breathe Right® strip vs. runs with the placebo strip. No significant difference in heart rate or rating of perceived exertion was found between the runs.

Implication. Breath Right® strips may have an ergogenic effect on aerobic exercise performance.

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