Kastello, G. M., Corsdorf, A., Hunter, A., Martin, H., Patterson, B., Sheehan, A., Tellefsen, K., & Zeller, B. L. (2008). The effects of Watkins Antioxidant Supplement on DOMS and serum oxidative damage biomarkers. ACSM 55th Annual Meeting Indianapolis, Presentation Number 1563.

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This study tested the effectiveness of an antioxidant mixture on attenuating reactive oxygen species activity and DOMS. Non-aerobically trained college-aged volunteers (N = 24) underwent 30 minutes of eccentric treadmill exercise at -10 % grade at 80 % estimated maximum heart rate. Ss began daily supplement and placebo treatments three days before the exercise bout and continued for three days after. Measures were taken for pain, creatine kinase levels, and strength before and at 12, 24, 48, and 72 hours after exercise. Blood draws to measure myoglobin and protein carbonyl levels were taken before and at 24 hours after exercise.

All variables except myoglobin changed with time. There was no significant group x time difference for any variable.

Implication. Antioxidative supplementation does not significantly diminish markers of delayed-onset muscle soreness, or biomarkers of tissue or oxidative damage.

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