Time, 3 August, 1992, pp. 58-63.

"The pulsating industry of sports science is pushing the outer limits of human performance. The new formula: less pain, more gain. But beware of the hype and the hokum. Sweat still counts." (p. 58)

"Sports science undeniably contains some hype and hokum. Even its advocates are wary of excessive claims and complexity. Alois Mader, a professor at the German University of Sport Sciences in Cologne, points out that the highly successful Kenyan running program is as simple as can be. 'It goes: run every day from youth on. And run so that you still enjoy it the next day. Everything else will follow automatically.'" (p. 63)

Implication. The implication of these statements is obvious. Moderate amounts of exercise and beneficial. They are the overload levels which retain enjoyment in physical training.

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