Loosli, A. R., Requa, R. K., & Garrick, J. G. (1993). Serum ferritin and injuries in female high school cross country runners. Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, 25(5), Supplement abstract 129.

Female runners (N = 101) were assessed for Hgb, serum ferritin levels, and time-loss injuries. Hgb averaged 13.4 gm/ml (range 11.6 - 15.2). Serum ferritin ranged from 7 ng/ml to 62 ng/ml with an average of 20.5 ng/ml.

There was no relationship between Hgb and injuries. The average ferritin levels in the no-injury group was 36 - 40% higher than the injury group. The third with the lowest ferritin values had twice as many time-loss overuse injuries as the runners with the highest values.

Implication. It is suggested that low total-body iron is related to sports injuries in some populations and its role in sports injuries should be examined further.

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