Hanson, T. W. (1993). The mental aspects of hitting. Dissertation Abstracts International-A, 53(08), 2735.

The intent of this study was to examine the thinking of great hitters in order to further our understanding of the mental aspects of hitting. The study employed a naturalistic, case study methodology. Five of the best hitters in the history of the game, each of whom had won at least three league batting titles, were interviewed regarding their thoughts on the mental aspects of hitting. Interview transcripts were content analyzed in a case study format.

The broad themes to emerge were motivation, confidence, preparation, concentration, and game strategy.

Implication Great hitters reported they used psychological structures that are commonly reported as being required for effective performance. The structures were motivation (e.g., anticipation of success), confidence (positive self-talk and self-efficacy), preparation, concentration (focus), and game strategy.

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