Ford, K. R., Myer, G. D., Smith, R. L., Byrnes, R. N., Dopirak, S. E., & Hewett, T. E. (2005). Effects of an overhead goal on a drop vertical jump maneuver. Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, 37(5), Supplement abstract 629.

Collegiate soccer players (M = 17; F = 18) performed vertical drop jumps with and without an overhead goal. A force-plate and video analysis examined features of the jumps.

Vertical jump height was greater with the overhead goal for both genders. Males jumped significantly higher (32%) than females as well as improving significantly more (19%). Males had significantly different kinesiological factors to females in the form displayed preparing for and executing a vertical jump.

Implication An overhead goal can influence the level of performance of a vertical jump. The kinesiology of jumping differs between genders.

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