Kokkonen, J., Nelson, A. G., Tarawhiti, T., Buckingham, P., & Glickman-Weiss, E. (2000). Stretching combined with weight training improves strength more than weight training alone. Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, 32(5), Supplement abstract 649.

The effects of weight training alone and weight training plus stretching on lower body strength were investigated in college males and females. The weight training group (M = 7: F = 7) lifted three times per week using a program of 3 x 6 repetitions with 85% 1 RM for 8 weeks. The weights plus stretching group (M = 7; F = 7) was pair-matched for strength with the weight training alone group. Stretching was performed twice per week for the eight-week period.

The weights plus stretching group improved significantly more than the weights alone group in both flexibility and strength measures.

Implication. Stretching exercises add to strength and flexibility improvements in weight training programs.

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